Filling The Cups

Filling The Cups

By Moms For Moms, Refilling One Another's Cups
March 17, 2022 - March 19, 2022

About TheMommyCon

Our mission is to create an inclusive and supportive community of mothers and women from around the world by providing a platform to share experiences, knowledge, and resources that empower them to thrive personally and professionally.

Our vision is to be the premier conference for mothers and women worldwide, where attendees can learn from leading experts, connect with like-minded individuals, and access the latest tools and resources to help them navigate the challenges of motherhood and achieve their personal and professional goals.

Who is this for?

You have young kids
You have older kids
You have adult children
You're Pregnant
You're a stepmom
You're a Godmom
You're a grandma
A mommy who has put her kids needs before her own
A mommy who feels like she's lost her identity
A mom finding herself after her children have left the nest
Women Caregivers
All Women!
Who is this for?

You Will Get...

24+ Speakers
Authors | Coaches | Speakers | Mompreneurs sharing their powerful stories to impact & inspire the lives of moms across the globe.
Downloads, workshops, and practices that can be used immediately during the conference.
Bath, Bed & Beyond
2 nights of Live Q&A panels for the moms once the kiddos are in bed.
Encouragement, Motivation & More
An encouraging word from one mom to another.

Conference Host

JaQualia Lynn is the Conference Creator and Host as well as one of the Keynote speakers. She is also the founder of More Than Just A Mom.

Conference Host


Sharone Pack
Sharone Pack
Rikki Donaldson
Rikki Donaldson
Shamika Hill
Shamika Hill
Stephanie Tramaine
Stephanie Tramaine
Kim Richardson
Kim Richardson


The thing I liked most about the Bath, Bed & Beyond live sessions was the realness and openness of it all.
Very professional, thorough and a great leader!
Pearl Chiarenza
Excellent! Not only does she make herself available but she also was very open and didn't stick to a status quo of speaking styles. She allowed people to be creative.
Jennifer Wilson
My top three takeaways:
1. Definitely need to do mush better with being consistent with a schedule for my children to help make our days and nights run smoothly.
2. Have better follow through with consequences.
3. Must do better with self care so I can be a better wife and mother.
Nicole Peace
Amazing, she really is a gem. Always seeing the good in us moms. I feel like her light shines bright and she always gives others permission to take some and shine just as bright. She empowers you to be your best and show up. Be your best. Love her transparency moments and just that nod of approval. I believe even if my presentation was the worst she would've found a way to find that 1 positive perspective. To know her is to be empowered, feel like you belong always, be greeted with the brightest smile and welcoming of hugs.
Marquita Thompson
I absolutely love JaQualia! She has a heart of gold and sincerely desires everyone to be successful. She even posted daily bids of encouragement for the speakers!!!
AJ Kikumoto
JaQualia Is professional, kind and knowledgeable. She was helpful and extremely sweet.
Stephanie Foreman
One word...AMAZING!! JaQualia stretched me beyond what I ever thought I could do and I'm ever grateful!! The other women...POWERFUL!!
Trish Noel
My top three takeaways:
Breathe, put on my mask first, and start implementing what I have in my notebook.
Raykel Tolson