AJ Kikumoto

AJ Kikumoto

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AJ Kikumoto, BA, MaEd, Author, Parent to children with CAS

AJ Kikumoto is the mom of 6 children, 4 of whom are diagnosed with CAS. She has 12 years of therapy experience with her children including Speech, OT, PT, Behavior Modification, and Psychology. AJ is a children’s book author and created the book series "Zoey’s Great Adventures™️ - Learns to Talk." Based on their own adventures and challenges with Apraxia of Speech, Hippotherapy or horse therapy became a new modality of helping her kids learn to talk. She is also the Founder and CEO of Queen Publishing Agency. AJ volunteers extensively with numerous organizations including Sock-It-To-Em Sock Campaign, Starstruck Academy of Dance Special Angels, Special Olympics, Highlands Ranch Serves, Feeding of the 5000, local schools, and community walks including Alzheimer’s, Autism Speaks, Aruna Project, but most importantly Apraxia Kids Walk!

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