Camille Jones

Camille Jones

Group Fitness Instructor

I am Camille Jones; a Wife, Mom, G Mama, Dog Mom, Group Exercise Instructor, and Health and Fitness Coach. I help busy women become the best version of themselves by equipping, encouraging, and supporting them to focus on their health through nutrition and fitness.

Before I became a Health and Fitness Coach, I was overweight and lacked energy. I did not want to take the extra pounds with me into my 40s. I felt that if I did not make a lifestyle change then, the feeling of being overweight and lacking energy would be stuck with me forever. So as a gift to myself on my 39th birthday, I made a commitment to do something different that would change my future self.

My journey began with simple at-home workouts with my virtual personal trainers. I began coaching and sharing my journey online, with my friends & family, inviting others to join me. I have lost over 30 lbs and went from a size L/XL (14/16) to a size S (4/6) and I have helped many women achieve their wellness goals too.

While helping others to be healthier, happier, and more confident, I have also been able to make an additional income, which has definitely been an added blessing to my life and the other women that are part of my coaching community.

In addition to coaching, I also teach group exercises. I am certified in turbo kick and Xtreme Hip Hop Step. While I so appreciate the convenience of the virtual workouts. I also love in-person interaction.

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