Stephani Shepherd

Stephani Shepherd

Ambition Coach

I’m Stephani Shepherd, Founder of Great Life is a Must and an Ambition Coach For women and moms with unmet ambitions.

As the Former Shrink-Back queen, I am now a multi-hyphenate woman doing everything that makes me feel like my best self! I want to connect with women like you who want more. Let’s create a plan to help you come ALIVE!

I am dedicated to influencing the beliefs and actions of others to encourage them to come alive! My mission is to provide women with practical strategies to kick monotonous lives to the curb and overcome the barriers that keep them stuck! I do that by helping women transform their mindsets, defeat obstacles & excuses, and position themselves as serial winners. I am a champion for women and encourage them to chase their dreams boldly.

Other conferences I've been involved with:
Breaking Barriers, Building Boundaries, and Empowering Moms