Dr. Scheherazade Daniels

Dr. Scheherazade Daniels

Certified Business Success Coach

Scheherazade Daniels is an advocate for transformation and is a 21st Century change agent that facilitate educational and business reform. Her passion to bring transformation to the system of education and business by expanding the knowledge of her students is at the core of her personal mission to breaking the grip of systemic illteracy and poverty. Especially in area of Adult Learning.

As a professor, trainer and corporate facililator, she combines her dual passion for education and business expand her students learning experience. Her personal axiom is “give me permission is stretch you beyond the liminations of your mind” which she asks each class/training before it begins. This is one way she challenges her students to think differently about learning and therefore the individual will inheorently learn differently.

Scheherazade is a Cerfitied Business Success Coach and a businesswoman. She is the President and CEO of Chayil Solutions, which provides consulting, coaching, mentoring, seminars, training and workshops to entrepreneurs, entertainers, small business, corporations, government agencies, non-profit organizations, churches, ministries, schools and institutions of higher learning. She has provided training, motivational speeches, mentoring and coaching to business leaders, entrepreneurs as well as those in the education, government media and ministry.

As a lifelong learner herself, Scheherazade holds a B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in Management, an MBA with a concentration in management and has earned her Doctor of Education degree (Ed.D) in Organizational Leadership. She has received several certificates including, The Emotionally Intelligent Leader, Emotions, Mindsets and Coaching, Ethics and Compliance, Building Improved Work Relationships and more.
In addition to the 25 plus years of combined leadership and management experience in the business; Scheherazade has 20 years leadership experience in ministry which includes: preaching, teaching, facilitating small groups, leadership development, coordinating organizational training events, leading teams and community outreach events.

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